Wwe Wrestling Challenge

When the opponent is standing move your character in the wrestling ring with your arrow keys. Press I to punch and O to kick. Alternate these keys to lock the opponent and to get back when is down. For more informations please red the instruction inside the game!

how to play wrestling challenge

If you like challenges, you now have the chance to duel in the ring with your friends. You can play alone or on two players.

The most beautiful and interactive is to play on two players, each key will be different for each player. Each character can change as you want, personalizing in your style.

To control the opponent when is standing, use arrow keys to move your character in the wrestling ring. You have I and O button for punch and kick.

Press these alternate keys when locked with an opponent, to get back when down. With P key do a super move
when your power gauge is full.

  • Player 1: "I" "O" "P" keys for kick, punch
    Player 1: arrow keys to move
  • Player 2: "1" "2" "3" keys for kick, punch
    Player 2: ASWD to move