MMA Training Ground

A practice game where you have to boxing with a MMA trainer. Use arrows to move depending on the coach, execute strikes using the X key. You will have to pass several levels that you can perform various strikes.

how to play training ground

In the training phase, watch your instructor's movements to determine which attack to use. If the trainer places his mitt low, then a low attack should be used, and vice versa. Pay close attention on how to perform each attack, you will need to master them all to take down your opponent.

For the final fight use our newly mastered fighting techniques to take down your opponent. Try to use a combination of your attack for the best effect. Pay attention to your opponents attacks, and try to block or dodge them. Wear down your opponents healthbar and then attempt a submission hold to get your opponent to tap out.

  • Press spacebar to block
    Press X, Z with arrow keys ro kicks
  • Use arrow keys to move
    Up and down keys for kicks