Punch Tom Out

Select the device you want play this game. As the game title says, we need to punch Tom up out of the ring. Dodge and counter your opponent before he do it.

how to play punch tom out

Get him out of the ring on Tom, this is the goal of the game. Select the difficulty of the game and start fighting. For a better gameplay, if you use the computer keyboard, hold your keyboard like a controller. Don't forget to turn "sticky keys" off if you're in windows. Also you have the option to change the keys.

Throughout the game you'll be able to get guidance to perform better in the ring. With D button, you can see which keys you need for kicks. It is a boxing match that will last 12 rounds, each round is heavier than the other. Show how good fighter you are and do not get beat.

  • A - left block
    S - right block
  • Left arrow - left punches
    Right arrow - right punches
  • D or P - pause