Night Warriors Puzzle

This is a puzzle wwe games with wrestler warriors. Try to solve this image and have fun. You can try to play with 12 pieces for the begining. If it's too easy for you, click on 24 or 48 pieces to play hard. Also if you have time to sped, you can play at 99 pieces.

how to play night warrior puzzle

If you're bored and looking for a relaxing game, now is the time to try a puzzle with the fighters wrestling. Game is at your disposal any time of day, you can play however you like. It's a game exclusively developed by our team. You can play alone or with friends, is your decision.

Night warrior puzzle is a simple game in which you must place each piece in place to form a whole picture. The image is composed from several famous battles wrestlers that must know them. You will have access to five different difficulty levels to split the image into pieces. The pieces come placed exactly in the position in which they find, they can not rotate.

  • Select dificulty level
    Use mouse to select the level
  • Use mouse to select the pieces
    Drag and drop the pieces in the right place