Nacho Wrestling

Suit up at Elarsenal the enter the arena to take on ten loathsome luchadores. The more matches you win, the more credit you earn! Then head back to Elarsenal and use your credit to upgrade your look and strengthen your moves.

how to play nacho wrestling

Welcome luchadores to the ultimate lucha battle! Get your name into the top ten and other players will be able to fo toe-to-toe against your luchador. Use the arrow keys to move around the ring. Double click the directional buttons to bounce of the ropes. To climb the ropes just walk to the corner and press up key and to climb down press down key.

To jump from the turnbuckle press Z or X to perform a super slam! Whenever you see the struggle bar rapidly prezz Z and X.

To avoid being pinned, to break out of the headlocks or gain the advantage during struggles use the same buttons Z and X. You just need to dominate the match to rank up stars, fill all five stars to use super moves.

  • Use the arrow keys to move
    Use Z to punch or pick up
  • Use X to kick or stomp
    Press space to pin