Nacho Kung Fu

To play this game you must use the left and right arrows to make Nacho walk back and forth. Use the number pad to make him do wrestling moves. At the beginning of the game, Nacho can only do 4 moves. These correspond to the 2,4,6 and 8 keys on the number pad.

how to play nacho kung fu

Nacho need to fight with different people to to win the grand prize. On the streets of Mexico will face his opponent.

In the upper right corner of the gameit shows the life of the fighter. You have to be careful about how much life you have, do not lose the match!

As you fill up your do good-o-metter, you will unlock new moves for nacho to perform. Throughout the game you'll be able to perform other beautiful movements which did not know yet.

The game is fun and easy to play, perfect for a relaxing break from work or wherever you are.

  • Use arrow keys to move
    First round use 2,4,6 for kicks
  • Perform various movements with numbers
    Use pause button to stop the match