Mucha Lucha Wrestlings

Mass mucha lucha is an authentic wrestling game with toon characters, they are performed in a nice design ready to capture your attention.

how to play lucha mucha wrestling

Be ready for a sensational fight in the ring between two fighters wrestling. You will be the protagonist of the epic battles you'll face in a strong fighter. Your character is very small, you have to practice their movement using the arrows on the keyboard.


The way you must beat in the ring is very simple, just use the arrows keys in combination with the spacebar and perform phenomenal hits that you knew nothing about.

You have a few special hits, it is best to look over the instructions to understand the game better.

  • Press spacebar to hit
    Use arrow keys to move
  • fwd+fwd = hit
    down+fwd = hit
  • back+down+fwd = hit
    down(close) = hit