John Cena Puzzle

John Cena is the protagonist of this puzzle game. Compose piece by piece to complete a whole picture where appear John Cena and with two other athletes. Use your mouse to move each piece. It is not easy to solve the full picture.

how to play john cena puzzle

A new puzzle game with the famous wrestler John Cena. Put these images together by clicking on a puzzle piece and then click the piece you want to swap. Complete the puzzle faster to get a higher score. This game is different from other puzzle games. Each piece will replace the other, so you need to have a greater care where do the next move.

Each time you move correctly the pieces will merge together. This will help you figure out how will be placed other parts of the picture. Do not forget that you have made available a few minutes to complete the picture. As soon as you finish, the higher you will score.

  • Use mouse to swap pieces
    Solve the puzzle
  • Earn points
    Watch at time