Jim Neidhart Puzzle

Try this simple game with pictures from wrestling. Is a puzzle made ​​up with few pieces that create the real image of a figure known in the wrestling world. Put the correct position each piece to create a clear picture.

how to play jim neidhart puzzle

This is the most simple puzzle game with fighters wrestling that we have put on this website. You have one level of difficulty containing 23 pieces that complete a single image of Jim Neidhart. Use the mouse to drag each piece in the right place. The pieces can't rotate, which favors a better correlation of the game with your mouse and hand.

At first glance it seems easy to play this jigsaw puzzle game, but because of shadows in the image, it is hard to figure out where it comes placed each item. If it appears to be to easy for you this game, we have a range of wrestling games in the bottom of the page, just take a look and see what you like more.

  • Use mouse to interact
    Arrange pieces in the right place