CM Punk Wwe Puzzle

Solve this puzzle with the image of a fighter wrestling. You can rest easy because you do not have any time limit in which to complete the game. Focus and find out what picture is hidden behind the puzzle. Can be any famous fighter or simply a character from wwe. Put yur mind to test to arrange the pieces in the right position.

how to play cm punk wwe puzzle

This is another strategy puzzle game with a wrestling character in it to solve it. Maybe some of you know, some do not, now is the time to get acquainted with this fighter. You have four versions of the same game with 6,9,10 or 20 pieces that should place them carefully in the correct position to make a portrait of CM.

Once selected the difficulty level of the game, you have to select each piece in hand and place it in the right place. It's a little painstaking, but that's the pleasure of playing a puzzle game, is not for anybody so if you don't like you can try other games available on this website.

  • Use mouse to play
    Select pieces
  • Arrange the pieces
    Place them in the right place